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What is this all about?

White Lizard is the real estate software fresher by Property Market Technologies, the leading PropTech company in Greece. It is a powerful turnkey solution designed for real estate professionals and teams of all sizes.

White Lizard provides the opportunity to grow your business, maintain operational intelligence and be more extroverted. Don’t just manage your properties, projects, clientele or team members.

Engage them fully!

How does it work?

Incorporating the White Lizard product, enables you to digitally create and organize the properties you are dealing with in databases, connect them with your contacts and clients in a CRM rationale and handle all your related instructions, projects and tasks in a unique and simplified way.

Invite all your team members and benefit from the shared file management and task assignment features.

You will be amazed by your business growth, focusing on your project priorities the smartest way, optimizing your properties geolocation analysis, engaging your team members, building confidence with your clients.

Organize your contacts

Create your contacts and link them with the properties they own, directly or indirectly. Submit and manage all your communication logs (e-mails, meetings, calls) with them and stay always tuned.

Organize your contacts

Manage your property portfolios

View all your properties in a map, group and sort them based on the client they are related to, the distance between them or any other custom tag you want to assign them to.

Manage your property portfolios

Handle your team and projects

Invite all your team members and colleagues, share files and tasks, join and collaborate. Manage all your instructions and projects, assign tasks on your team and keep anyone (including your clients) up to date.

Manage your team and projects


When the product trial period comes to an end you will no longer enjoy the White Lizard functionalities. Take a look at the exciting product capabilities and proceed selecting your payment method for your annual subscription plan.

per year
Free Trial
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Instuctions
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Operations
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Properties
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Uploads
Free Trial


Your subscription is annual and the duration starts to count right after you get activated.
Once the free trial period or your annual subscription ends, you will no longer be able to take advantage of the White Lizard functionalities, meaning creating new properties, run new projects or invite new people to join your team. However you will still be able to access and edit all the data you have entered in the tool until the last day you were an active user.
You are encouraged to invite as many users as you may like. Nowadays, real estate teams might not share the same office space, hence White Lizard is the appropriate tool to enable business processes digitization and working remotely facilitation.
There is no such limit. You may create and store as many properties as you like, organizing your private real estate database, running projects and keeping historical tenure over it.
White Lizard offers a task management approach based on different user rights. You can invite all your team members (employees, colleagues, external partners, subcontractors) to join and by enabling the related user rights to each and every one of them, they can share the appropriate level of project details and task assignment.

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